Our Culture

We are a People-First Company and our people are at the heart of what we do.

Through cross-discipline collaboration, this mission-driven and daring team is eager to define the new frontier of agricultural robotics. We are always asking hard questions, rapidly iterating, and getting our boots in the field to figure it out. We won’t give up until we’ve made a tangible and positive impact on agriculture.


Everything we do is fueled by our “why”. We deeply want to make a positive impact on the world. Everything revolves around this.


We are always looking for a new challenge – and aren’t afraid of taking risks to get to the solution.


We don’t give up on a problem. Ever. We aren’t afraid to make mistakes, because that helps us learn, and gets us one step closer to achieving our goals.


We are driven by our curiosity every day. We aren’t afraid to ask big questions, challenge each other and collaborate to find the answers.


We care deeply about agriculture and our customers, and if you spend five minutes talking to us, you will too. We are energetic and passionate about our jobs, and love to share that with others. We love that what we do links us to the land.

Our Values

This is our bedrock. Our values support our high-performing and caring culture so we focus on doing stuff that matters.

We embrace a challenge that has never been solved before. We innovate with a “first-of-its-kind” mindset.

Two is ten times better than one.

Customer Obsessed
Our customers are at the core of all we do.

We do big things without letting formality get in our way. We stay nimble, have “fire in our belly” and we never give up.

We focus on the right things and we own our part in delivering quality results.

We will do what is right. Always.

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In our Shoes

We believe two people together are ten times better than one.

We strive to create a deeply collaborative culture at Blue River. We are a people-first company, and everyone makes a tangible difference. As you dedicate your talents to our mission, we will give you opportunity to turn your greatest ideas into reality. We are passionate about what we’re creating and can promise you that you won’t feel like a number – your voice and contributions will matter.

We value the ideas and livelihood of every employee that walks through our doors, maintaining a team mentality on every project. Our joy is contagious throughout our work and on our teams.

Join Us

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