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Agricultural Field Engineering Technician Ankeny, IA Apply
Software Engineer Santa Clara, CA Apply
Sr DevOps Engineer, See & Spray Santa Clara, CA Apply
Sr Machine Learning Engineer Santa Clara, CA Apply
Sr Machine Learning Operations Engineer Santa Clara, CA Apply
Sr Technical Program Manager, Platform Santa Clara, CA Apply
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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the relationship between Blue River Technology and John Deere?

John Deere is agriculture’s best-in-class brand across machinery, manufacturing, and distribution. They have lasted nearly two centuries by making big tech bets to improve farming. Just like their commitment to the tractor, John Deere has acquired Blue River in 2017 to create innovative solutions for customers around the world. John Deere’s widespread product portfolio, global reach and trusted brand grants us an advantageous platform to truly make an impact on an age-old industry. By partnering with John Deere, we are innovating computer vision, machine learning, robotics and product management to solve monumental challenges for our customers.

What does the interview process involve?

The recruitment process typically takes about 3-6 weeks from an initial conversation to an offer. During the journey you will be meeting with as many people from the direct team you’ll be working with, as well as some engineers from additional teams. Starting out with casual conversations to explore our amazing team and vibe, and diving into more technical conversations as the journey progresses, and culminating with a virtual “onsite interview” where we meet as a group and break out into smaller groups to evaluate mutual fit.

What is involved with the Technical Phone Screen?

During the interview process it is essential that we evaluate specific skills related to software, robotics and machine learning. A technical phone interview with someone from Blue River may be an in depth conversation about the technology you’ve worked with or may involve a CodePair session or Take Home coding exercise.

Coding exercises include…

Either a CodePair session with an engineer where you can work with the interviewer to tackle a challenge / set of requirements or a take home assignment in which you will work at your own pace at a time convenient for you. We utilize HackerRank to facilitate most of these interactions.

Do I need computer access to complete the Technical Phone Screen?

Yes. Due to the increasing virtual world, we ask you to have a computer / laptop handy for any interaction during the process.

What’s it like working at Blue River during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Employee safety is paramount, and we’ve taken that into consideration as we have carefully crafted company policies and standard operating procedures to ensure the wellbeing of all Blue River employees. Currently most of us work remotely allowing only the critical few to have safe access to the office and lab when needed. That doesn’t mean we can’t have fun, and have come together (virtually) to play competitive online games, virtual social activities, and cooking lessons.

Do Blue River employees travel to the field?

Yes, the field is where the magic happens and where engineers have the ability to continuously improve the product by seeing it in action. We also have an obligation to the farmers to involve them in the product design process, as they are our subject matter experts in the field.

Benefits & Perks

When we take care of our employees, they can focus on doing what they do best!

From extra care with Onboarding, Special Payments, Immigration, or even taking the extra time to navigate a tricky issue with a medical provider, our people team believes resolving every question or issue an employee has matters!

It may feel like simple magic to our employees when things just all work for them – but there is intention and care behind the scenes that helps make Blue River the Best Place to Work!

In fact, Blue River was name on the of Top Workplaces in the Bay Area!

We believe in true integration of work and life and offer generous Paid Time Off and Sick Leave as well as Paid Parental Leave and an Adoption Benefit. Subsidized lunches, flexible work hours, and a collaborative and supportive environment also contribute to making Blue River a great place to work.

Our employees enjoy comprehensive benefits to cover the health and wealth of them and their families.

What about the Fun?

It's not all work...there is a lot of fun too!

From our Annual Outdoor Adventure for employees and the families to weekly team hosted cookouts, spending time together is a norm.

Whether you would jump in with your competitive spirit to take the trophy at our Waffle-Off or dethrone last year’s Halloween Costume Champions…or just enjoy the good company and good cooking of fellow employees – we’re pretty sure you’ll find your place here.

When you work with incredible people, it’s no wonder we want the fun to spillover!

About Our Workplace Flexibility Model

We support each employee living a full life, enabling a thriving career and accomplishing a meaningful, challenging mission with incredible people.

We have designed our work environment to allow us each to do our work effectively, be our best selves, and be exposed to the unexpected connections and experiences that support creative innovation – all while leaving room for the other things you love.

We have been operating as “mostly remote” during the pandemic. As we transition back to the office, we are introducing our Workplace Flexibility Model. Most roles will be based out of our Sunnyvale office and balance in-office time with flexibility to support other needs you have in your life. This flexibility could be used to reduce the Bay Area commute burden by working from home a couple days a week, support parent or caregiver needs, or allow space for you to do the other things you love, whatever that might be! There are times when achieving great work is more productive when working where you work best. That’s the point of this model…flexibility for you. A few roles will be approved as fully remote. Those are determined by managers and approved by our senior team.

We anticipate following this flexibility model starting mid-July 2021 as we continue to follow local guidelines and protocol around COVID.

I keep growing and learning. Last year I even got promoted. I voiced my career goals and I felt heard. We actually did something based on my career goals. The talent in our office is so compassionate. So lively. Not a lot of places have this. We are still a good size and no one gets lost.

You’re gonna be stuck with me for a really long time!