Sr. Machine Learning Engineer

Santa Clara, Ca

Position Description

Sr. Machine Learning Engineer 

Santa Clara, CA

Responsibilities: Develop machine learning, computer vision and deep learning models for object detection and recognition of objects in farm environments, using input from multiple sensors (e.g., images and videos); Integrate new sensors into the robotics system and fuse the detection results from multiple sensors to improve system performance in harsh environments; Technical Milestone Communication. 50% Remote work allowed.


Master degree in Compute Science, Machine Learning, Electrical Engineer or related field. 5 years of experience. Required skills: Develop efficient algorithms and improve system performance using object oriented programming using C, C++ (5 years); Conduct independent research and development work for detecting and tracking objects in the world using images from cameras using OpenCV, Python (4 years); Integrate computer vision models/algorithms into production software stack and ensure end-to-end functionality using C++ knowledge (4 years); Improve scene understanding and depth estimation using 3D geometry and deep learning techniques using knowledge of Multi-view geometry (4 years); Define and implement metrics for computer vision model evaluation (4 years); Write unit tests for various pieces of C++/Python code to ensure highest code quality (4 years); Evaluate, debug, and improve performance of computer vision models/algorithms (4 years).


Full time. $173,056 - $264,000/year.



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